Software Evaluations

We can examine your existing software applications and give you some options about how, and when, you might need to upgrade, convert or otherwise extend the usefulness of your existing applications.

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Office Applications

Office Application Evaluations

We can evaulate your current office configuration, offer suggestions on how to better integrate them for better business effiencies.


Hardware Evaluations

Some time or sooner you are going to have to take the plunge. Is now the time, or can we eak out another few months. Let us take a look.


Network Evaluations

Have your outgrown your existing network capabilities? Don't have a lot of resources to upgrade, maybe you can tweak it here and there and get by for a bit more. We will try to help.



Got great people, but little training time. Let us help. Our staff are good at what we do, and at helping others understand this new cyberworld we live in.

Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Hard decisions? Need a second opinion? We would be glad to offer our advice on your proposed project.

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