Software & Application Development
Oracle, MS Server, Sybase, DB2, MS Access, Dbase IV, Foxpro, Pardox

Database management

We are familiar with most of the major data bases on the market today, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Foxpro. We can help manage existing databases, help restore corrupt databases, upgrade to a more scalable dbase or custom build a database to meet your needs.

Word, Word Pro, Word Perfect, Excel, Lotus 123

Office product integration

Not sure how your office environment works, or why it doesn't? Let us help you to better understand the integration of your products, or provide custom applications to make your job so much easier.

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Front ends for Dbase IV, Paradox, MS Access

Front End development

Have you got the data, but no way accessing it easily? Can't get the kind of reports you would like? Let us help. We can work with existing data, and create a front end that will give you the information you need to make your business run better.

Dbase applications, Point of Sale, Custom reports, Data Warehousing

Custom Visual Basic programming

Are your in-house applications running out of steam? Do need a custom solution for your environment? We can create a complete package to meet your every application need.

Software Consulting

Software troubleshooting

Not sure if you need a software upgrade? Let us give you an honest evaluation of your existing system. You may not need a complete overhaul, perhaps a couple of light patches might work. Let us take a look.


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