Web Development
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 Having taught web development in six colleges and universities across the United States we know what it takes to develop a practical website.  It is more than just nice graphics, and a snazzy look.  A website has to be functional, findable and user friendly.  We have the expertise to help guide you to build the right kind of website. 
Show off the Kids (or Grandkids)!

Personal Sites

Just need some place for friends and family to touch base with. Want to show off the grandkids, or your new puppy? A personal website is a great way for your friends and family to stay connected. Ya, we do that!

Wow Your Customers!

Commercial Sites

Does your business need a web presence? Your competitors do! The web is an excellent, and cost effective advertising piece for your business. It is always open, with far more information for your customers than you can provide in a brochure or phone call. Let us help design a special site that will enhance your business.

Sell your Widgets online!

E-Commerce Sites

Have you got a product that people need? Why not add an e-commerce site and increase your sales. More and more businesses are finding a web presence a necessity, and why not sell a Widget or two while we're at it. We can set that up.

Don't forget the Graphics.

State of the art Digital Graphics

We can use the graphics you provide or we can use state of the art graphic design to make you site stand out from the crowd

Hooked to a database

Interactive Database elements

Need database access on your site? Can do! We can hook your site up to many different database engines including, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MS Access, to name a few.

Chose the best server for your needs.

UNIX or NT Servers

Depending on your needs, we can help you determine the best operating environment for your site.

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